Blood donation

Blood donation

2020 was exceptional due to the coronavirus epidemic, as there were sharp variations in hospitals’ need for blood products as well as operational changes necessitated by the epidemic. Despite this, a sufficient number of blood donations took place every week, and nearly 19,000 new blood donors were recruited during the year – 15% of all donors. We achieved this because we communicated clearly and coherently about the importance of donating blood as well as its safety despite these exceptional times.

118,452 persons registered for blood donation and donated blood 205,792 times. Whole blood was donated 188,294 times, about 5% less than in 2019. 45% of donors took part in organised donation sessions, the number of which was 1,108.

A total of 2,272 machine-aided platelet collections were carried out – about 200 fewer than in 2019. These collections covered 13% of all platelet products we supplied.

New blood donors were recruited with public advertising but also through social media channels as well as cooperation with sports clubs, educational institutions, the Finnish Red Cross and the Finnish Defence Forces, for example. 24 blood donation events were organised at garrisons, resulting in about 2,100 donations. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, fewer blood donation events than usual were organised at workplaces and educational institutions.

Over 23,000 of the visits were thanks to “BloodGroup” members. There were 3,500 active BloodGroups in 2020, and 800 new BloodGroups were set up.

Satisfaction among donors remained high. The proportion of those who were highly satisfied was the same as in 2019: 95%. The NPS score regarding recommending blood donation was 93, which is excellent.

At the beginning of May, a new data system was introduced, including an electronic health questionnaire fot the donors. This change involved an extensive process update and familiarizing the entire staff with the new approach. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, we had to rapidly introduce infection control precautions in the customer premises as well as change our usual practices.

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