Blood donation

Blood donation

The coronavirus pandemic severely affected blood donation activities for 2.5 years. The impact of remote working and reduced movement of people was reflected at service units in city centres in particular. The situation started to improve at the end of 2022, thanks to active marketing and the introduction of new opening hours.

115,528 persons registered for blood donation and donated blood 195,196 times. Whole blood was donated 181,406 times, about 2% less than in 2021. 55% of whole blood donations took place at ten service units. There were altogether 1,130 mobile blood donation events. As the pandemic restrictions eased, events at workplaces, educational institutions and garrisons could resume, with almost twice as many such events as in 2021.

A total of 2,224 machine-aided platelet collections were carried out, covering a total of 4,200 platelet products. There were a total of 445 individual donations for specified patients.

There were 18,800 new blood donors, 16% of all donors. Recruitment of new donors was carried out through active marketing communications, social media channels and by working together with sports clubs, educational institutions, the Finnish Red Cross and the Finnish Defence Forces.

Activating male donors was one of the main targets. Men accounted for 41% of all donors and for 48% of donations. The number of male donors has been on a slow rise since 2020.

Over 37,000 of the visits were thanks to active voluntary donor group members, which was about 10% more visits and donations than in 2021. There were 4,000 active groups in 2022, and 422 new groups were set up.

Customer feedback was given 39,000 times during blood donations. 96% of respondents were highly satisfied. The NPS score regarding recommending blood donations was 95, which was excellent too.

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