Blood donation

Blood donation

During the past year, we collected 202,331 units of whole blood (in 2016: 204,503 units) in ten fixed locations and in 1,112 blood donation events around Finland. We collected platelets in 2,614 automated platelet collection procedures (thrombaphereses; in 2016: 2,643), corresponding to the amount of platelets acquired from about 20,000 whole blood units. More than 118,000 individuals donated blood.

We adjust the number of blood donations in accordance with the needs and stock levels of hospitals; as the need for blood products decreases, the quantity of blood collected is also reduced. However, it is important that we constantly welcome new blood donors to ensure the availability of blood in the future. We gained almost 20,000 new donors. We also succeeded in encouraging group donations: in 2017, a total of 762 new “BloodGroups” (blood donation groups) were established at workplaces, hobby groups and other communities all over Finland.

Blood donors’ customer experience remained excellent, with 92% reporting they were highly satisfied.

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