Blood donation

Blood donation

Blood donations were stable, and there were no surprising or major fluctuations in the need for blood products. The use of blood products in hospitals decreased slightly as in previous years, which naturally affected the amount of blood collected.

There were 198,339 whole blood donations, some 6,000 fewer than in the previous year. The number of automated platelet donations was 2,481, about one hundred fewer than in the previous year. The total number of all blood donations during the year was 200,822. A total of 124,843 persons arrived to donate blood, 114,353 of whom gave blood.

The proportion of first-time donors was 14.8%, the number being 18,526. To reach new blood donors, we worked together with educational institutions, the Finnish Defence Forces, communities and companies by organising blood donation campaigns.

53% of blood donations took place at Blood Service centres, while 47% were at blood donation events, 1,100 of which were organised around Finland.

Group blood donations are popular. The “BloodGroups”, which are groups of people brought together by work, hobbies, studies or friendship, recorded over 21,000 donations – 40% more than in the previous year. A record number of 948 new groups were started, the highest number being during the autumn campaign.

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