Blood products

Blood products

The manufacturing process of blood products involves separating the donated whole blood into red blood cells, platelets and plasma. We are responsible for the distribution of blood products to all Finnish hospitals in accordance with the needs of medical care.

In 2018, as in previous years, the supply reliability of blood products was excellent, and a high proportion of donated blood was utilised in manufacturing. Contrary to expectations, the need for our main product – red blood cells without white blood cells – started to increase in hospitals after a long decline. The use of our other main product – platelet products (thrombocytes) – decreased at hospitals as expected, as did the use of the medicinal frozen plasma that the Blood Service distributes to hospitals as pharmaceutical wholesale.

The Blood Service has been systematically monitoring the smoothness and efficiency of the blood product manufacturing process for a long time. The role of the staff in process development has been very significant, in the spirit of the Lean model. Positive feedback from the international comparison of blood service institutions has resulted in increased contacts and visits to the Blood Service.

We place great emphasis on preparing for exceptional circumstances and safeguarding continuity of operations in all circumstances. Special attention in 2018 was given to securing core functions in the event of communications and data system malfunctions.

The donated blood was effectively utilised in blood products manufacturing.