Blood products

Blood products

The manufacture of blood products involves separating donated whole blood into red blood cells, platelets and plasma within 24 hours following a donation. We manufacture the blood products needed in hospitals and distribute the plasma separated from whole blood for medicines manufacture. We distribute blood products and medicinal frozen plasma (octaplasLG) to all Finnish hospitals in line with the needs of medical care.

Less blood products were sold to hospitals than in 2021. Sales of platelet products (thrombocytes) decreased the most (by 7.5%). 173,116 red blood cell products were sold for patient treatment, 3.8% less than in 2021. Sales of octaplasLG to hospitals by the Blood Service fell by 6.0%. The decrease in the use of products in the long term is due to the development of treatment methods, while in 2022 challenges in healthcare also played a part.

Product stocks remained manageable throughout the year, thanks to continuing proactive and efficient cooperation between manufacture, blood donation and communications. The need for donors is mainly determined by the need for red blood cells in hospitals. Only during public holidays did platelets, which have a short shelf life, temporarily act as a driver for blood donations. The use of donated blood in manufacture is highly efficient, as only about 1% of the final red blood cell products expired in storage or were not distributed for patient treatment for other reasons.

Moving to the new premises in Vehkala, Vantaa, in 2022 posed challenges for many staff members throughout the year. Despite this we managed to move to the new premises smoothly and as planned without causing any disruptions to clients. Securing uninterrupted operations necessitated meticulous and careful planning and precise coordination of numerous aspects of operations.

The new premises have allowed us to alter the division of responsibility between manufacture and storage and to improve working conditions and, in particular, internal logistics. To secure the continuity of our operations, manufacture in Vehkala, Vantaa, has completely separate, equipped temporary facilities where operations are being practised as planned.

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The donated blood was effectively utilised in blood products manufacturing.