Blood products

Blood products

The manufacture of blood products involves separating the donated whole blood into red blood cells, platelets and plasma. We are responsible for the distribution of blood products to all Finnish hospitals in accordance with the needs of medical care.

In 2019, there were no surprises related to the need for blood products at hospitals. Thanks to good management of the order and supply chain, stock levels were optimal, and the donated blood was utilised efficiently for production.

The number of red blood cell products sold to clients for patient use was 190,437, less than one per cent below the figure for the previous year. The need for the other main product, platelet products (thrombocytes), diminished in hospitals by around five per cent, as expected. Sales of medicinal frozen plasma (octaplasLG) to hospitals by the Blood Service fell by almost seven per cent. The decrease is due to improved treatments.

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The donated blood was effectively utilised in blood products manufacturing.