Laboratory services

Laboratory Services

Our Laboratory Services conduct tests to ensure the safety and quality of the Blood Service’s blood and cell products and to meet various healthcare needs.

The number of laboratory tests for blood transfusions performed for healthcare clients was similar to that in 2021. The number of tests on maternity clinic specimens was lower than in 2021 due to the lower birth rate in Finland. The number of tissue compatibility tests was also lower than in 2021 because of the smaller number of organ and stem cell transplantations.

Moving our laboratory to the new premises in Vantaa with the associated technology and process improvements represented our most significant laboratory modernisation for years. The transfer of laboratory activities was carried out smoothly without any delays or interruptions to services to clients or to the finalising of results needed for the release of blood products. We introduced a new automated line to be used in the pre-processing of blood donor and maternity clinic specimens as well as in the infection screening required to ensure the safety of blood products.

Following the relocation the degree of automation in donor sample screening now represents the most modern technology anywhere in the world. At the same time blood group analysers and the related analytical processes used in maternity clinic specimen and blood group testing were updated and new equipment for monitoring the quality of blood products was acquired. These improvements mean more reliable manufacturing and more efficient processes.


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