Laboratory services

Laboratory Services

Our Laboratory Services conduct tests to ensure the safety and quality of the Blood Service’s blood and cell products and to meet various healthcare needs.

In tissue compatibility testing, the rise in the number of organ transplants and haploidentical stem cell transplants contributed to increased test numbers. In contrast, in blood group assays, test numbers decreased slightly due to the fact that an increased proportion of blood compatibility tests and antibody identification tests are performed by hospital laboratories. The number of tests on maternity clinic specimens decreased along the fall in birth rate.

We are continuously developing our workflow processes in order to ensure the efficiency and responsibility of our operations. In 2019, we implemented a process-level change to reduce the number of sampling tubes taken during blood donations from four to three. This change resulted in a significant reduction in workload as well as the environmental burden of our operations by saving 200,000 sampling tubes annually.

We made a major reorganisation of our laboratory by transferring blood coagulation laboratory assays to the Finnish company Fimlab Laboratoriot Oy via transfer of business. The purpose was to ensure the continuity of bleeding and clotting tendency testing and platelet testing and their continued development in Finland. As part of this change, Fimlab took on the employees concerned.


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We introduced a new blood group analyser and new sequencing technology.