Laboratory services

Laboratory services

Our laboratory service conducts tests to ensure the safety and quality of the Blood Service’s blood and cell products and for various healthcare needs.

We maintain the production reliability of our tests by ensuring that the technologies we use are up to date. In 2018, we introduced a new blood group analyser and at the same time we replaced our own reagent cells with commercial reagent cells in the testing of blood donor samples.

We introduced new sequencing technology in tissue compatibility testing and updated our entire test package. In organ transplant compatibility testing, we have been able to establish a method using blood cells, introduced earlier, so well that we were able to stop collecting separate spleen cell samples.

The FINAS accreditation for the Blood Service laboratory was expanded to include infection testing.

The number of tests offered to healthcare units remained on the previous year’s level except for tests on maternity clinic specimens, which decreased significantly due to the fall in birth rate.

We introduced a new blood group analyser and new sequencing technology.