Medical services and contacts with client hospitals

Medical services and contacts with client hospitals

Our physicians participate in patient care by giving opinions and answering questions about the patient samples tested in the Blood Service laboratory. They also support hospitals during on-call times via telephone consultations on issues such as blood transfusions. Our contact network consists of healthcare professionals involved in blood transfusion treatments from all university and central hospitals.

In 2019, the preliminary report of a national collaborative project looking into the storage of data generated in blood transfusions in the Kanta service was completed. Improved utilisation of data would significantly help in the development of blood transfusion treatments. The project continues in the National Institute for Health and Welfare, with the Blood Service contributing actively to its development.

During the year, we arranged seven training events for healthcare professionals, and several other training events at clients’ premises. Our experts were active in lecturing at educational events on subjects such as laboratory tests and the use of blood products. We provided information to our clients, particularly about the optimal use of O RH negative blood group products, also known as “emergency blood”.

We regularly measure our clients’ satisfaction by means of surveys. The 2019 client survey was targeted at laboratory clients. Hospitals rated the Blood Service excellent overall with a score of 9.4 on a scale from 4 to 10.

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Clients’ trust in Blood Service products and services continues to be excellent.