Other operations

Other operations

Our quality management staff ensure the Blood Service’s operations meet the requirements of the legislation, authorities, accreditation bodies and pharmaceutical industry stakeholders.

The focus of quality management in 2022 was on relocating to new premises and ensuring quality throughout this transition. After the relocation the required official inspections were carried out in the premises. The need for digital development and the quality assurance of ICT systems also required special attention.

In digital services we oversaw the trouble-free introduction of IT solutions in the new premises while continuing digital development at the Blood Service.
We supplied an electronic ordering system for blood products to most university and central hospitals to streamline the order and delivery process. We also started making technical improvements/modifications to the blood supply chain’s enterprise resource planning system. A new server platform will be introduced in autumn 2023.

In communications and marketing we made concerted efforts to recruit and activate blood donors. Communications and marketing were also utilized to support recruitment of members to the Stem Cell Registry and biobank.

Blood donors were activated through campaigns, media communications and personal invitations and newsletters. Advertising about blood donation was produced every day throughout the year, the focus being on digital channels. The main target group of the new recruitment process was the middle-aged, particularly men. During the year 3.3 million persons were reached via social media – a 29% increase for men compared to 2021. The donor eligibility test for first-time donors was taken 387,500 times (2021: 146,011), a new record.

We worked jointly on communications with many partners, such as the national hockey league Mestis and Suomen Motoristit ry. The Blood Service also started producing podcasts; nine episodes were introduced.

Planning and commissioning of the new headquarters was coordinated by the technical services.

During the project numerous improvements were introduced in relation to operational reliability and preparedness for exceptional situations, the efficient utilization of space, environmentally responsible solutions as well as automation, the smooth running of processes and employee satisfaction. Our new premises in Vehkala, Vantaa, will meet our requirements well into the future. The project progressed as scheduled, and work in the new premises started without any disruptions in autumn 2022.

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