Other operations

Other operations

Our quality management staff ensure our operations meet the requirements of the legislation, authorities, accreditation bodies and pharmaceutical industry stakeholders. The new Good Practice Guidelines for blood establishments, which came into force in 2018, were incorporated in the quality control system. We actively participated in European collaboration to develop the blood and tissue service field and haemovigilance operations. Our important internal quality management projects included the digitalisation of document management and ensuring compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

In digital services, we focused on the flexible digital development model and data system architecture. In data system projects, our focus was on the introduction projects of the new enterprise resource planning system, i.e. the V2V project, document management and cloud services, as well as the development of the technical environment of the ICT infrastructure.

In communications and marketing, we carried out several campaigns to encourage people to donate blood and join the Stem Cell Registry. Stories and others’ experiences are very motivational, which is why we published a new story bank (https://www.bloodservice.fi/stories) to collect all the down-to-earth patient and donor stories. We published several new videos and highlighted the Blood Service’s 70-year history in our communication channels.

The Blood Service had over 110,000 Facebook followers. When needed, we are able to reach hundreds of thousands of people with one publication via the social media – one of our most important communication channels right after personal invitations.

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