Other operations

Other operations

Our quality management staff ensure the Blood Service’s operations meet the requirements of the legislation, authorities, accreditation bodies and pharmaceutical industry stakeholders. In 2019, areas highlighted in the development of quality management were harmonising quality activities and making digital improvements. We introduced a new document management system as well as digital working processes for operating instructions.

In the development of our Digital Services, we focused on process testing and preparations for the introduction of our new enterprise resource planning system, ”Vein-to-vein”. Introduction of the system is scheduled for 2020. Key projects also included improving information security and defining the workflow process for digital development.

In Communications and Marketing, we carried out several campaigns to encourage people to donate blood and join the Stem Cell Registry. Campaigns and partnerships were carried out in ice hockey and motor sports, for example. A collaboration project with the Finnish Driving Schools Association utilised information about blood donation in the study material and in the risk management training of future drivers.

The Blood Tattoo event in Helsinki was organised to communicate the effects of tattoos on blood donation and to clear up deeply-rooted misinformation. The event offered blood donors an opportunity to get a blood group tattoo designed by a tattoo artist, something that attracted a lot of positive attention.

Our communications on social media were particularly active in the past year, and we produced several new videos to encourage people to help. Together with the Finnish Red Cross, we released a mobile application to help blood donors find donation sites and to check their eligibility to donate.

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