Other operations

Other operations

Our quality management staff ensure the Blood Service’s operations meet the requirements of the legislation, authorities, accreditation bodies and pharmaceutical industry stakeholders.

In 2020, areas highlighted in the development of quality management were harmonising quality activities and making digital improvements. Quality control processes, such as recording of findings, change management, audits and risk assessments, were streamlined. From now on, they will be managed entirely using an electronic, validated system.

We achieved an important milestone in the development of our Digital Services, as we introduced a new data system for the management of blood donation, manufacture and the supply chain. This change also affected blood donors, because the health questionnaire they complete before blood donation is now electronic. The questionnaire can be completed before coming to the donation site, making the process smoother and faster.

Communications and Marketing were dominated by the coronavirus epidemic. The donation requirements and practices changed with the epidemic, which meant that communications continuously had to adapt. The introduction of a booking system and an electronic health questionnaire also required effective communications and changes to routine practices. Advertising and communications were needed every day during the year, the focus being on social media channels. We also introduced an AI-based chatbox that replies to donors’ questions on the website on a 24/7 basis.

In 2022, the Blood Service head office will move to rented premises in Vehkala, Vantaa. The project is being coordinated by Technical Services and involves both planning and construction of a new blood service centre. The new premises will be technically superior and meet the requirements well into the future. Planning of the new premises was completed in 2020 and construction work has begun.

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