Stem Cell Registry and cell services

Stem Cell Registry and cell services

Photo: Yle / Tero Kyllönen

The Finnish Stem Cell Registry operates as the registry for Finnish and Estonian stem cell transplant centres. The register recruits voluntary donors, finds suitable donors in registers in Finland and other countries, and organises graft collections from Finnish donors and the delivery of the grafts to transplant centres.

7,346 new members joined the Registry, and at the end of the year we had over 48,000 members. We supplied 135 grafts to centres treating patients.

The Blood Service’s Cell Production Centre researches, develops and manufactures new cell therapy products for use in healthcare. In 2018, we continued manufacturing mesenchymal stromal cells (LY-MSC) and supplied products for the treatment of immunological problems to nine patients in the stem cell transplant units at Helsinki and Turku University Central Hospitals, and to Tampere University Hospital. In collaboration with researchers at the University of Helsinki, we published an article on the safety and compatibility of mesenchymal stromal cells in inflammatory bowel disease. We continued supplying tailored stem cell grafts for haploidentical (“semi-compatible”) stem cell transplantations and started collecting white blood cells from donors for research purposes.


Grafts supplied by the Stem Cell Registry, 2016 to 2018

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