Stem Cell Registry

Stem Cell Registry

Photo: Yle / Tero Kyllönen

The Finnish Stem Cell Registry, which is run by the Blood Service, belongs to the global network of registries providing stem cell grafts. Our Registry closely supports the Finnish and Estonian stem cell transplant centres. We recruit voluntary donors to the Registry. We search for compatible donors for patients in need of a stem cell transplant in registers in Finland and other countries. We also organise graft collections from Finnish donors and supply the grafts to transplant centres.

Over the year, 3,844 new members joined the Stem Cell Registry, bringing the number at the end of the year to over 55,000. We supplied 153 grafts to stem cell transplant centres treating patients. Our couriers picked up 20 stem cell grafts from abroad and distributed them to hospitals for the treatment of patients. We also helped to distribute 91 grafts to or from other countries in compliance with the special arrangements required by the coronavirus pandemic.

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