In 2018, the Blood Service had an average of 514 employees, whose contributions total the equivalent of 428 full-time employees (FTEs). The number decreased somewhat from the preceding year, as scheduled. The mean age of our employees was 43.2 years. Of our personnel, 88.4% were female and 11.6% male. Permanent employees had a mean duration of employment of 13.4 years, and the proportion of permanent employees who resigned was 2.4%.

The number of sickness leave periods remained relatively low, as in previous years. The sickness absence rate out of theoretical working hours remained at 3.7%. The number of accidents at work was also relatively low: 34 in total, of which 11 happened at the workplace and 23 on the way to or from work.

The Blood Service is committed to developing the workplace in line with the Great Place to Work® model and to making our workplace one of the best in Finland. Our Trust Index© increased for the fifth time in a row to 78%, which entitled us to our third Great Place to Work certificate. The Blood Service was nominated one of the best medium-sized workplaces in Finland with a ranking of 26th.

We continued to invest in work community development, for example by organising sleep coaching and providing more support for exercise activities. We improved our occupational health care, trained supervisors in disability management, and continued focused team support. We also launched a campaign which enables the staff to spend one working day in voluntary work.

The most impressive thing in our history is how ordinary Finns have committed to helping their fellow human beings.