In 2022, the Blood Service had an average of 521 employees, whose contributions total the equivalent of 435 full-time employees (FTEs). The mean age of our employees was 43 years. Of our personnel, 87% were female and 13% male.

In 2022, personnel resources were increased, most notably in terms of research and product development. Additional resources were also needed to ensure a smooth relocation of premises and for the introduction of updated laboratory technology.

The health of our staff remained good in general, despite the coronavirus pandemic. Our coronavirus precautions were effective, and activities were not greatly hampered at any point. Sickness leave was 3,8 % of theoretical working hours, and there were 33 work-related injuries.

One major undertaking in 2022 was the relocation of our headquarters from Helsinki to Vantaa. The move was supported through active internal communications, and employees were invited to take part in the planning of the premises. Moving to the new premises took place as planned in autumn 2022 and activities got off to a good start. A staff party was held in September to bid farewell to the old premises in Kivihaka, Helsinki, which had served for 50 years.

A staff survey showed that work tone got an excellent overall score again. However, a small number of teams experienced more challenges and heavier workloads than before. Teams are supported in a targeted manner and special attention is given to strengthening personal resources throughout the Blood Service.

We take good care of our young summer employees. We again took part in the Responsible Summer Job campaign, where 11,600 summer employees responded from 155 organisations. Our ranking among big companies was 13 out of 65.

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