In 2020, the Blood Service had an average of 502 employees, whose contributions total the equivalent of 423 full-time employees (FTEs). The mean age of our employees was 43.2 years. Of our personnel, 88% were female and 12% male. Permanent employees had a mean duration of employment of 12.8 years, and the proportion of permanent employees who resigned was 5.9%.

The measures of well-being at work continued to be relatively good, as in previous years. Sickness leave was 3.7% of theoretical working hours. There were altogether 38 work-related injuries, 22 of which happened at the workplace and 16 on the way to or from work.

To make further improvements to our workplace, in 2020 we replaced the Great Place to Work® model with a new development model based on the staff surveys “Työvire” and “Työyhteisövire” by the pension insurance company Ilmarinen. Based on these measurements, work tone within the organisation and the willingness to recommend the Blood Service as an employer again got an excellent score.

Remote working changed our daily life profoundly and this made us think of ways in which working and management can be achieved differently. Together with our occupational health provider, we offered our employees training sessions to maintain their well-being and ability to work, and we continued to support the development of our teams and all employees. We also took part in the Responsible Summer Job campaign, where our ranking among big companies was 9.

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