Collaboration between professionals

Collaboration between professionals

The Blood Service employs professionals from a range of fields, and all play an important role in the chain of helpers.

Blood Donation

We organise all blood donations throughout Finland. Each working day, we offer hundreds of blood donors a satisfying opportunity to help. We offer new opportunities to join the chain of helpers and we develop electronic tools to facilitate contacts.

Products and Medical Services

The Blood Service manufactures safe blood products for patients and distributes them to all Finnish hospitals. We work flexibly as the use of blood products changes and provide high-quality services for hospitals to support them in blood transfusions.

We test donated blood for safety and offer hospitals the clinical laboratory tests needed for blood transfusions and organ transplants on a 24/7 basis. We also perform the tissue typing for all organ transplants and stem cell transplants performed in Finland and also carry out blood group tests for pregnant women. We search out compatible blood stem cell grafts for patients and handle their distribution.

Our organisation provides hospitals with high-level expertise and supports physicians in successfully performing blood transfusions and cell therapies. We systematically and actively train physicians, laboratory experts and nurses participating in blood transfusions.

Quality Management, Research and Product Development

We ensure high quality in all our activities. We make sure that the requirements for accreditation are met and that our activities comply with official regulations. Quality management makes sure we are well prepared and able to react effectively and rapidly in all circumstances.

We are continuously developing our workflow processes by employing new technological solutions. We aim for smooth, reliable and safe processes.

We perform high-level medical research in accordance with our research strategy. We investigate blood and stem cell properties and create new opportunities for developing blood transfusions, transplantations and cell therapies. We also develop novel cell therapies together with clinicians. Our biobank collects samples for high quality research and development projects.

Financial Services

Financial Services ensures that our finances are properly managed and purchase the materials, equipment and services we need cost-effectively and at the right time. We ensure the smooth, reliable transportation of donated blood, donor samples and products efficiently and cost-effectively. We also take care of the appropriate maintenance of premises and equipment.

Digital Services

We develop reliable electronic services for clients and donors. We create means for the Blood Service to increase the efficiency of operations, create cost savings and develop new practices, products and services. We ensure that our information systems are reliable and modern and that they offer adequate support for our activities.

Communications and human resources

Using various channels, we proactively provide information about our activities to donors, clients, our personnel, partners and everyone interested in blood services. We encourage everyone to join the chain of helpers.

We take care of our personnel and systematically develop their professional skills and work to increase their job satisfaction levels. We want to ensure that the Blood Service is and remains an attractive and interesting place to work.


The Blood Service organisation on 31 December 2020

Each working day, we offer hundreds of blood donors a rewarding opportunity to help.