The Blood Service’s strategic vision is the Best Chain of Help. By strengthening every link in the chain, we ensure the best service for healthcare in a high-quality and efficient manner – from the donor to the patient.

Our strategy entails four strategic programmes.

Partnership with blood donors

Finland has a community of blood donors highly committed to helping patients, and the donors get an inspiring experience in return. The number of blood donations is predictable, constant and continuously meets the current need. We work cost-effectively and react flexibly to any changes in the need for blood.


• To secure a sufficiently large blood donor pool that constantly renews itself and provides all the blood types required.

• Through our processes, resources and tools to ensure there is a steady number of blood donations, that blood group-specific stock goals are met and that we can react flexibly to variations in the need for blood.

• To make sure that blood donors' service experience is excellent, and that our customer service guides the donors and encourages donor commitment.

• To support the introduction of guidance tools and the implementation of changes in our operations through our customer service, communications and marketing.

• To ensure that the number and capacity of our donation sites is appropriate and in relation to the need for blood.

• To generate, through our research, new information on the biological, medical and social effects of blood donation, and to employ this information in our activities.

Smooth functioning of the blood service chain

The Blood Service is responsible for supplying blood products and ensuring the availability of up-to-date, safe products in any conditions. We improve the quality and effectiveness of blood transfusions with the help of modern information management, research, knowledge sharing and laboratory services that support blood transfusions.


• To constantly monitor the use and availability of blood products in Finland. This information is shared with hospitals and government authorities.

• To ensure that our production, supply chain and laboratory services function securely, efficiently and flexibly and that we are prepared for exceptional circumstances and changing needs in patient care.

• To ensure, in terms of features and quality, that our products and services meet the needs of our clients and official requirements.

• To improve the quality and effectiveness of the entire blood service chain through information management connecting patients, donors and the blood production process and by sharing our knowledge and expertise with every person who is part of the chain.

Leading expertise in cell therapies and tissue compatibility

Finland’s top expertise in the biology of human cell and tissue transplantation can be found in the Blood Service. We offer products and services for healthcare to supplement the treatment of challenging diseases in an efficient, economically sound and high-quality manner. Together with researchers and clinicians, we create openings for new therapies.


• To ensure that the Stem Cell Registry and our laboratory services for organ and stem cell transplantation meet the needs of our clients and official requirements in terms of both their features and their quality.

• To maintain our position as the principal operator in Finland and as an internationally valued partner in the network of cell therapy product experts and manufacturers.

• To collaborate actively with researchers and other stakeholders to promote the availability of cell therapy products in Finland.

• To create new opportunities for medical research and development through our biobanking activities.

The Blood Service – dependable, responsible and progressive

We take good care of our key resources – our personnel, knowledge and skills, finances, equipment and facilities and employ the latest information and communications technology. By continuous and holistic improvement of our activities we ensure the best for the patient and avoid all kinds of wastage. We continue to improve by focusing on research and knowledge-based leadership.


• To ensure the well-being of our employees.

• We want our leadership culture to encourage personal development and participation and to be open and inspiring.

• We seek to keep our decision-making processes smooth, transparent and in line with good administrative practices. We assess and steer our operations using indicators of efficiency, streamlining and quality.

• To ensure our processes function smoothly and flexibly. In development work, our starting point is to increase value for the client, and we seek to eliminate wastage.

• By ensuring financial stability we want to be able to adapt to changes in our operating environment, no matter how sudden.

• We actively assess and manage operational risks and ensure the reliability of operations.

• We want to be sure that our information system architecture supports our strategy and projects and improves the security of our information system environment.

We ensure availability of up-to-date, safe blood products in any conditions.