The Blood Service in the Finnish healthcare system

The Blood Service in the Finnish healthcare system

The Blood Service is part of the Finnish Red Cross and serves Finnish healthcare. We are responsible for supplying blood products all over Finland in a centralised manner. Our tasks include organising blood donations and collecting blood as well as testing donated blood, manufacturing blood products and distributing them to hospitals.

We provide healthcare sector services such as blood cross-matching and tests needed for organ, tissue and stem cell transplants. The Blood Service performs blood group and blood group antibody tests for all pregnant women. The Blood Service also hosts the Finnish Stem Cell Registry, which provides stem cell grafts for patients. The Blood Service biobank has a valuable collection of samples and data relating to blood donors which it uses to facilitate research projects that prevent diseases and to identify disease mechanisms.

Our strong expertise is built on in-house research and development, which forms the foundation for safe blood transfusions and novel cell therapies now and in the future.

We help others to save lives. We operate together with voluntary donors and hospital professionals.

Helping patients is a joint effort

We work to help patients get better. Together with blood donors, the Blood Service supports hospitals in treating patients. A host of volunteers assists us in organising blood donation events.

We are expert professionals

The Blood Service operates in ten towns and cities and employs about 500 professionals from many special fields.

We are a non-profit organisation

The Blood Service is an independent, non-profit unit of the Finnish Red Cross. We cover the costs of our operations and their development by selling cell and blood products and expert services to the Finnish healthcare system. We are responsible for maintaining good operational efficiency and overall economic efficiency.

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