Advanced Cell Therapy Centre

Our Advanced Cell Therapy Centre manufactures, develops and researches new cell therapy products for use in healthcare. Between 2013 and 2023, a total of over 130 patients received experimental cell therapy products and tissue products manufactured by the Blood Service.

Workers at The FRC Blood Service Advanced Cell Therapies.

In 2023, we delivered mesenchymal stromal cell products (LY-MSC) for 9 patients for the treatment of immunological complications after blood stem cell transplantation, as well modified haploidentical stem cell transplants for the treatment of pediatric patients. After five years we also resumed the manufacture of AUTO-KERAT product for the treatment of patients with severe burns. We also implemented technology transfer related to the manufacture of CAR T cell products, used in cancer treatment, with a pharmaceutical company in 2023.

Our readiness as a cell medicine manufacturer expanded at the end of 2023, when Fimea granted us a pharmaceutical factory licence to manufacture investigational medicinal products for clinical trials.