Clinical contacts and haemovigilance

Our physicians are available on a 24/7 basis to support hospitals with issues related to blood transfusions and to answer any immunological questions about tissue and organ transplantations. The Blood Service also has a Blood Safety Office which investigates and monitors reported adverse reactions and safety incidents relating to blood transfusions in accordance with national requirements. The information collected is used to improve the safety of blood transfusions.

A nurse preparing a red blood cell product for transfusion.

The Blood Service promotes the safety of blood transfusions, patient-centred blood management (PBM), optimal use of blood products and their supply chain through means such as client meetings, training events and networking. In 2023 we organised 10 training events and continued our collaboration with educational institutions.

Based on the client survey carried out in 2023, blood product clients continue to find the Blood Service a reliable and knowledgeable partner. Most respondents gave the Blood Service’s products and services a reliability score of a perfect 10 (on a scale of 4 to 10), and the respondents also rated collaboration with the Blood Service as excellent with a score of 9.7. We received great feedback, particularly on our helpful and pleasant staff, their expertise, and their round-the-clock advice and support.