Laboratory services

Our laboratories conduct tests to ensure the safety and quality of the Blood Service’s blood and cell products and to meet various healthcare needs.

A laboratory specialist working at the laboratory of the Blood Service.

The number of laboratory tests for blood transfusions was similar to that of 2022. Also similarly to 2022, the number of tests on maternity clinic specimens continued to fall slightly due to the declining birth rate in Finland. The number of tests for organ transplantations, particularly the number of tissue typing tests performed outside office hours, increased significantly on the previous year, reflecting the record-high number of transplantations in Finland in 2023.

We improved our HLA testing kit, used to examine compatibility between the patient and the donor before organ and stem cell transplantations, by increasing the precision and scope of sample testing. As a result of this change, more accurate results will be available earlier for the planning of transplantations.

The number of blood donor screening tests reflected the number of blood donations and was down a little.

Blood Service laboratory tests for healthcare units

Tests for blood typing14 55114 76114 902
Red blood cell antibody identification4 7124 2234 198
Blood transfusion tests performed urgently and outside office hours2 6682 6152 727
Tests on maternity clinic specimens72 08766 89966 064
Tissue compatibility tests10 4939 7549 606

HIV and hepatitis (B and C) viruses and syphilis in blood donor samples

Careful donor selection ensures that very few carriers of the HIV or hepatitis viruses are identified when the blood is tested for infection.

Hepatitis B569611
Hepatitis C8881114

Organ transplantations performed in Finland (Source: Scandiatransplant)

The Blood Service performs tissue typing for all organ transplantations performed in Finland and assesses tissue compatibility between the transplant recipients and the organ donors in a centralized manner.

Deceased Finnish organ donors141121119113150
Live Finnish organ donors (kidney)2531464245