The Blood Service’s scientific research is guided by the focus areas specified in the research strategy: Blood supply chain and New cell therapies and compatibility of organ and tissue transplantations.

A researcher pipetting samples.

In 2023, the Blood Service spent nearly €4.35 million on R&D, €2.06 million of which (47 %) was covered by external funding. Net expenditure was 4.0 % of the Blood Service’s turnover. R&D expenditure covers the R&D unit, the Cell Therapy Center that develops and manufactures new cell therapy products for patient use, as well as the Biobank and sample services in support of our research activities.

Our key researcher resources comprise 13 researchers at the research unit and 6 experts in the Biobank and the Cell Therapy Center, all with a doctoral degree. Researchers at the Blood Service contributed to 32 peer-reviewed scientific publications approved in 2023 and guided 13 doctoral researchers. The doctoral thesis by Jan Koski concerning cell therapies was examined in 2023.

Scientific publications at the Blood Service by research area (2018-2023)

Scientific publications approved in 2018–2023 by topic

A total of €498,750 in research funding was awarded from the Blood Service’s research fund to external projects in support of our research strategy. €200,000 of this was targeted at projects on blood donation and blood use.