A year of renewal and innovation

The year 2023 marked the Blood Service’s 75th anniversary. The Blood Service has provided a steady and reliable supply of blood in Finland ever since 1948, even though Finland and the world have changed in many ways over the decades. Our long history and unique mission have brought us special expertise, unparalleled even at the national level, that we will continue to invest in.

Chief Executive of the Blood Service.

But instead of looking back, we chose renewal and innovation as the theme of our anniversary. Society, technology, human behaviour and the needs of healthcare change, and we are adapting to these changes.

Many anniversary year innovations, such as our modern online service, donor app, blood donation bus, patient safety website and our extensive communications were investments in accessibility and transparency. As a result, we are happy to report that our work attracted a record level of interest. We were also able to grant many blood donor wishes. A continuous dialogue with our stakeholders is key to success and renewal.

Changes in the security environment led us to work more closely with the authorities and security organisations. The continuity of our operations and our responsiveness and preparedness were important themes throughout the year, including the investments they require. It has been gratifying to note that our regular preparedness training over the years has given us the capacity to make quick changes, even in preparation for adverse situations.

Two-thirds of our work is carried out in person every day, without the possibility of working remotely. This includes meeting donors, processing blood products, performing laboratory tests and delivering products, all supported and supervised by our digital core processes. Digital resilience and digital services also received updates during the anniversary year, although this work is usually done quietly and securely behind the scenes in the “engine room”.

I want to thank our staff and partners for a great anniversary year. You have given all your expertise and support to help us look ahead with curiosity: how we can address the ever-changing needs of patient care even better with the help of our voluntary donors. A warm thank you to you all!

Pia Westman, Chief Executive of the Blood Service