Other operations

A person using the Donor app on the sofa at home.

Digital services

In digital services we successfully introduced a new-look website and launched a new mobile app. Both of these helped to improve digital services for donors. Technical improvements to the server platform of the blood supply chain’s ERP system were also completed.

Communications and marketing

In communications and marketing we focused on the new initiatives introduced to mark the 75th anniversary, which bring blood donation closer to people and encourage them to donate blood. Among these were the “Donate blood during working hours certificate” for workplaces, the blood donation bus, the donor app and the new website. For the summer, we produced our own non-alcoholic Pisara beer to the delight of blood donors.

We worked jointly on communications with many partners, such as the national hockey league Mestis and the Markku-liitto society. We reached 3.4 million people through social media. In addition to blood donors we recruited members to the Stem Cell Registry with the help of patient stories and personal recommendations.

Preparedness planning and related preparatory measure

For preparedness planning and related preparatory measures we worked closely with the authorities and our partners. We took part in the Uusimaa23 preparedness training event and a Taisto digital training event. We were actively involved in regional preparedness activities (ELVAR) and attended a number of seminars, training sessions and activities with the authorities and security organisations. We also strengthened our collaboration with the regional and national preparedness organisations of the Finnish Red Cross.

Quality management

The focus of quality management in 2023 was on further developing quality assurance for our ICT systems and improving data protection processes. A significant achievement was obtaining a new pharmaceutical factory license to manufacture clinical investigational medicinal products. More external inspections than usual were performed at the Blood Service, 14 in total (2022: 9).

The Blood Service’s licences and the accreditations, inspections and audits performed at the Blood Service in 2023

Current licencesCurrent accreditationsInspections by authorities (Fimea, Finas and WMDA)Other external audits involving the Blood ServiceInternal auditsExternal audits performed by the Blood Service / distributor surveys
Blood service operations1-62--
Tissue establishment operations112---
ATMP production1-11--
NEW: Medicinal product manufacturer’s license, GMP1-----
Pharmaceutical wholesaling1-----
Laboratory activities (healthcare services and microbiology)221---
Biobank activities1-1---
Contained use of genetically modified micro-organisms (GMOs)1-----